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Wordsworth's Classical Undersong by Richard Clancey download in pdf, ePub, iPad

In their enthusiasm they shared their volumes of contemporary poetry with Wordsworth. His was a holistic literary education.

They were committed to the Classics and to modern literature. Gifted teachers trained him in the full rigours of classical Latin and Greek. But the forensic mode comes into play as well in Wordsworth's scenes of persuasion.

In their enthusiasm theyHis was a holistic

Clancey emphasizes the fundamental importance of the concept of ethos in the growth of Wordsworth's style. It also considers the influence the classical focus of his education had on his own poetry, especial Wordsworth's classical education presents an amazing paradox.

In that ethical proof, of which the Snowdon episode provides the climactic example for Clancey, lies the vatic, the philosophical, the apocalyptic, the rhetorical, the authentically human Wordsworth. Education, Rhetoric and Poetic Truth. In this poem, as in so many others in his oeuvre, Wordsworth's foregrounding of nature can obscure the role of art.