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Women Who Launched the Computer Age by Laurie Calkhoven download in pdf, ePub, iPad

You may want to see if other editions of this title are available from your digital library instead. As a result she is often regarded as the first computer programmer. The back of the book has even more information about computers and programming, in smaller print. Visit her at LaurieCalkhoven.

Calkhoven who does the great Boys of Wartime series does a great job at offering difficult topics in a way that early readers can understand. As women still held most computing and programming positions at this time, it was hoped that it would give them more positive career prospects.

Leading the Way to Freedom. Grace Hopper's contributions to computer science continued through the s. She lives in New York City.

Grace Hopper's contributions

Menabrea, came to the attention of Lovelace, who not only translated it into English, but corrected mistakes made by Menabrea. Hawes of Burroghs Corporation set up a meeting in to discuss the creation a computer language that would be shared between businesses. In the early s, Pam Hardt-English led a group to create a computer network they named Resource One and which was part of a group called Project One.

Leading the Way to Freedom