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Women on Probation and Parole by Merry Morash download in pdf, ePub, iPad

This condition may be changed in writing by the Probation Officer for any necessary reason that the Probation Officer considers appropriate. Pay can vary based on location and the cost of living in certain urban areas. Community Corrections Program Community Corrections Programs primarily serve offenders in the community based on the risk level and the needs of the offender. However, jobs with larger agencies that are more in demand often require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

This is one of the most compelling books to be published recently on the challenges facing women offenders and their programming needs. Investigation and Report The two primary responsibilities of a probation officer prior to an offender's sentencing are investigation and report preparation. Further, I will report any contacts made with law enforcement for any reason.

At any time during the program, I may be placed in electronic monitoring. Meetings may occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Monitoring personal and work relationships, restricting travel and requiring corrective treatment, such as with substance abuse, are all actions that officer may take. Restitution and counseling are examples of commonly imposed special conditions. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Once complete, the officer prevents her finding to the court for using in sentencing, including setting of probationary parameters. It is an excellent beginning. Supervision Following sentencing, the officer sets out a supervision plan that includes regular meetings and methods for monitoring the offender's behaviors. These offenders often have greater treatment needs.