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We Have Your Daughter by Paula Woodward download in pdf, ePub, iPad

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The Boulder Police tried many ways to get close friends and members of the Ramsey family to break down and confess. The responding police, and soon the media, had only one theory and that was the parents must of killed her. The media was manipulated by law enforcement, deceived by calculated and incorrect leaks.

She did so after reviewing

She did so after reviewing testimony. It has always been a story that interests me, partly as a journalist and partly as simply a human being. Her conclusions included that the Ramseys were likely not involved in the death of their daughter. Foster told Patsy Ramsey that he believed she was completely innocent of killing her daughter.

It is an unusual look at the thinking of a highly-regarded legal expert after she reviewed depositions of so many people involved in the case. This book has helped me understand the political environment of Boulder, Colorado and the strained relationship between the local police, district attorney, and the Ramsey family. This time, he did a complete flip-flop and told them he thought Patsy wrote the letter.

The book is especially excellent at highlighting the plethora of straight up false statements to and by the police department and media. Her case is still unsolved twenty years later. This is a great source of information on what happened and what didn't happen. Importantly, it relies on original sources, like actual copies of police reports, and demonstrates absolutely meticulous documentation. The book also gives readers a closer look at the victim, JonBenet.