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Literally and symbolically it is the place of the hopeless. The very houses, and indeed even the people appeared to be composed of ash.

The place is some kind of huge dumping ground, where the poor and the dispossessed live, like the Wilsons. Every generation, the ashes pile distorting the American Dream further.

Fitzgerald demonstrates through symbols and motifs the impossibility of the American Dream. Contrarily, Fitzgerald introduces Myrtle Wilson to the reader, after the description of the Valley of Ashes in chapter two. Also, when Tom visits, it shows the difference between the rich and poor. This illustrates how the American Dream is impossible to achieve.

The Valley of Ashes, then, can also be taken to represent the moral decay, the spiritual emptiness, of modern urban society. Fitzgerald uses the Valley of Ashes to compare the rich with the poor. It represents the moral and social decay hidden by the West, and East Egg. It denotes a kind of spiritual and cultural wasteland - to borrow the title of T. The ashes are symbols of dead, with more self-centered and arrogant people arising from them.

The valley is created through industrial

Through the use of literary techniques, Fitzgerald develops the dismal tone and atmosphere of the Valley of Ashes. The valley of ashes in this novel is both a literal place and a symbolic one. However, the Valley of Ashes does not simply represent poverty and despair, it can also be said to symbolize the corruption of society as a whole.

For example, Myrtle dies trying to escape the Valley of Ashes. The valley is created through industrial dumping and thus a by-product of capitalism. It forms a conscious contrast with the wealthy resorts of East and West Egg, and serves as a grim reminder of the underbelly of society. Since the reader associates sensuality as a form of moral corruption, Myrtle is a representation of the moral corruption in The Great Gatsby.

The Valley of Ashes is also a geographical symbol in which decayed moral values are practiced. The Valley of Ashes Valley of Ashes represents absolute poverty and hopelessness. The first paragraph describes the physical features of the valley, whereas the second paragraph of chapter two introduces the symbol of the eyes of Dr. The people and also the environmental are suffering. Tom, Daisy, and Jordan, with their empty, void lives, are the characters represented as the formless bodies of ashes in the valley of ashes.

For example Myrtle dies trying to