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But many other people had emerged as critics of Lincoln as well. Typhoid fever soon developed in our Regiment and many men were ill. The Battle of Stones River took a heavy toll on both armies. In addition, more than twelve thousand Confederate troops were sent to Knoxville, Tennessee, as part of a failed attempt to pry the city loose from Union control.

The men sometimes gambled their paychecks for extra food rations and could trade food for such luxuries as tobacco or stationery. The entire Mississippi River Valley now belonged to the North. Some rioters then moved on to other stores, stealing jewelry, clothing, and other items in the confusion.

In addition some Southern farmers found

Johnston, even though the Confederate president strongly disliked Johnston. In addition, some Southern farmers found that their crops were ruined by violent battles and military movements. The local government increased their distribution of food to needy citizens, and local merchants dropped their prices.

Horrified by his misjudgment, Lee admitted to the survivors that he was to blame. In the late afternoon, Northern soldiers usually took some time to mend their uniforms and polish their boots for the daily inspection that took place after dinner. People stayed upbeat even though Union artillery and gunboat fire forced many of them to flee their homes for caves on the outskirts of the city. It turned to an area of Richmond that housed shops and bakeries. Many Northerners had come to the gloomy conclusion that the North could not beat the South.

Johnston even though the Confederate president