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It isn't clear how many they

It isn't clear how many they sold though. It is suggested that trick-or-treating evolved from a tradition whereby people impersonated the spirits, or the souls of the dead, and received offerings on their behalf. Some have called for more city or community group-sponsored Trunk-or-Treats, so they can be more inclusive. Common features of these traditions are - asking for food, dressing in disguise and a connection to the spirits of the deceased.

Guy Fawkes was the explosives specialist of the plot. This is a clear predecessor of trick or treat. This episode reveals that Tom was possessed throughout the entire show, or at least since Zombeh Nation. This probably originated when the toffee apple was a popular type of candy. No real damage was done except to the temper of some who had to hunt for wagon wheels, gates, wagons, barrels, etc.

It is suggested that

In short, no custom that was once honored at Hallowe'en is out of fashion now. It involved going door-to-door in costume, performing short scenes or parts of plays in exchange for food or drink. The earliest citations of trick or treat in print that I know of are all from Canada.

The opening to Fun Dead is also breifly shown here. There could hardly be a better example of the way that language and traditions migrate over time and across different cultures than trick or treating. In the first shot of the house, Edd's broken sword from Mirror Mirror can be seen thrown into a recycling bin. Most persons are not in favor of shotgun treatment, but they are in favor of some chastisement.

They have evolved and merged over the centuries and continue to do so. There are several reasons for the international spread. This is the first musical Eddsworld episode that was mainly focused on an original song.