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The Varieties of Scientific Experience by Carl Sagan download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It's all about how a man

It's all about how a man has faith in his beliefs, and he trusts his instincts will help him get through this. This newly acquired vision made the God who created the World seem hopelessly local and dated, bound to transparently human misperceptions and conceits of the past. This imperative was one of the reasons he was willing to get into so much trouble with his colleagues for tearing down the walls that have excluded most of us from the insights and values of science. The film doesn't explain how Purnell came to this conclusion. When he debated religious leaders, he frequently surprised them with his ability to out-quote the sacred texts.

This newly acquired vision

The whole point of the novel is that scientific ingenuity is the plot, and Mark Watney's scientific mind is his character. He avidlyystudied the world's religions, both living and defunct, with the same hunger for learning that he brought to scientific subjects. Carl wanted us to see ourselves not as the failed clay of a disappointed Creator but as starstuff, made of atoms forged in the fiery hearts of distant stars.

And he did this while maintaining a pioneering, astonishingly productive, fearlessly interdisciplinary scientific career. In that same drawer where the transcript of these lectures was rediscovered, there was a sheaf of notes intended for a book we never had the chance to write. It's quite a thrilling moment, and it was all possible because Newton did the math, and it checked out. He couldn't ix live a compartmentalized life, operating on one set of assumptions in the laboratory and keeping another, conflicting set for the Sabbath.

What made me notice this was Dan Kois in Slate, giving a review that focuses on what he sees as the superiority of the film over the book. Even if definitive statements on these subjects were possible, what follows is not such. The discovery of our relatedness to all life was borne out by countless distinct and compelling lines of evidence.