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No doubt these requirements are

No doubt these requirements are well intentioned, but we're convinced that advocates of this approach fail to recognize the crushing demands on the contemporary principal. After developing this outline, the next step in this process is to ensure that everyone is working from the same knowledge base. An effective principal will use that aspect of evaluation as a catalyst to strengthen the team process.

An additional responsibility of campus principals is to motivate and provide on-going support to their instructional teams. We don't mean to imply that the process was without benefits. Unfortunately, the core strategies of both of these reform initiatives largely ignore this call for practices grounded in research.

After developing this

Principals report that the process requires four to six hours for each observation. The premise that more frequent and intensive evaluation of teachers by their principals will lead to higher levels of student learning is only valid if two conditions exist. Meanwhile on-going professional development and monitoring of teacher implementation should continue. It is very seldom necessary for a campus to abandon all of their established teaching strategies and instructional practices.

This is not new information. Finally, many new evaluation tools have components related to teacher collaboration. We typically found that teachers were unpersuaded by our recommendations. However, in a professional learning community, principals and teachers engage in collective inquiry to decide on the work that will most benefit their students.

Campus principals play an important role in improving student achievement through their facilitation, guidance and support of effective instructional strategies. We increased our own knowledge about what constitutes effective teaching. Professional development to improve student achievement.