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One begins with an end in

Dematerialisation across the entire life cycle of a product or process. Earth's biosphere is a relatively closed system regarding matter, some meteorites and dust enter and only limited matter leaves due to gravity e. On the success level organizations, institutes and individuals add their own secondary principles of success based on their specific context or needs.

One begins with an end in mind, moves backwards from the vision to the present, and moves step-by-step towards the vision. Backcasting is the process of moving backwards from an imagined vision of success. It's the springboard for discussions in communities that want to be more sustainable. Individuals, organisations and society are hitting the walls of the funnel over time e. Energy comes in the form of sunlight and energy leaves in the form of heat radiation.

Substitution of materials that do not comply with the sustainability principles by those that do. The walls of the funnel are getting closer and closer over time limiting the room to maneuver. Evaporation of water from the oceans by solar heating produces most of the Earth's fresh water. Chloroplasts in plant cells take energy and minerals and oxygen from sunlight for plant growth Sugars, structure, oxygen. This flow of energy from the sun creates structure and order from the disorder.

Systematic increases in concentrations of substances extracted from the Earth's crust e. The Natural Step is not only about the I heard about this book at Family Camp an annual event I attend which includes speakers. The Natural Step differs between fundamental human needs and their satisfiers Manfred Max-Neef and between real needs and created desires. However, it is an open system with respect to energy since it receives energy from the sun. Santa Monica got a few compliments in the book too.

Backcasting is the process of