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For other uses, see Grind disambiguation. This aspect of the story felt out of place and distracting. Even if people weren't struggling financially, many would have stayed anyway. Convex blades usually need to be made from thicker stock than other blades.

For other uses see

Katana tend to have much more niku than wakizashi. The setting, and the story plopped down on top of it. By using the blade appropriately, a chef will prolong its life. So for the most part, I just rolled my eyes and waited for the story to move on. An appropriate grind depends upon a blade's intended use and the material composing it.

Brigid is strong, independent, intelligent, and insightful. For example, some blades may be flat ground for much of the blade but be convex ground towards the edge.

And to a point it did, but I think that much of that was me projecting my knowledge of the area and its history onto the info given in the book. This profile is commonly found in Japanese swords, such as the familiar katana. In fact, until right now, I thought Centralia was unique in being, you know, on fire. But when he fell into her, sobs shot from her mouth like the fire itself had flamed up through the floor and singed the skin from her bones.

The Finnish puukko is an example of a Scandinavian ground knife. The voice doesn't match the personality. In cross section, the blade looks rather like an old fashioned pen nib, with a solid upper section and a delicate, fluted base.

This aspect of the story

This back bevel keeps the section of blade behind the edge thinner which improves cutting ability. In rare cases, a knife may be re-ground, but this is not often called for or even possible. Edge angle and included angle typically characterize a blade's grind.