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City layout Districts The city extends along both banks of the Tigris. Prosperity began to be restored to Baghdad with the opening of steamship travel on the Tigris in the s.

However, sectarian fighting and an insurgency against U. By treaty, it was recognized as one of the few official cross-border trading posts between the two empires along with Nisibis and Artaxata.

The vast majority of the population is Muslim and Arab. As the city expanded physically, the government offered parcels of land for a minimal fee to various professional associations. However, the upper part was never finished, because of the sudden death of Harun al-Rashid in Khurasan. In Paulus was deposed for having joined the anti-Chalcedonian Severus of Antioch.

Marble was also used to make buildings throughout the city, and marble steps led down to the river's edge. This was a good example of the sort of library built up out of the needs and interests of a literary society. Cultural life Baghdad has long been an active cultural centre for the Arab world, producing prominent sculptors, painters, poets, and writers. Its schedule was curtailed greatly in the s.

The residents are mostlyIn a permanent British

The Abbasids considered themselves the inheritors of Arab-Islamic culture. Much of the street became an exclusive residential area for high-ranking officials.

Cinema is an important source of popular entertainment in Baghdad. Both were curtailed by eight years of bitter warfare with neighbouring Iran during the s.

The residents are mostly Hanbal. In a permanent British diplomatic residency was established there, and the British residents soon acquired a power and prestige second only to that of the governor.