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Snowden, has some sour things to say about the modesty of British film production. It was a kind of Hollywood guilt that led me into that kind of commitment. Looking at the evidence, one can only assume that too much critical acclaim crippled his instincts and made his talent self-conscious. Unfortunately, a real decline set in after this triumph.

The director continued

Dirk Bogarde plays Frank Clemmons, a baby-faced criminal who tries to rob distinguished psychoanalyst Dr. Wickedly, Losey shoots their wedding in one take, on a crane, with a funeral taking place across the street. Perhaps he was not as smart as he thought he was. Losey was obliged to come to England.

He has been attacked as a case of style over substance, but this misses the point. It is hard to tell who is responsible for the obscure parts in the story.

An alternative version is that Losey was replaced due to illness. The director continued to fight the system, struggling to find potential in a series of mediocre scripts. The high point of The Lawless is when Losey ditches the dull script and lacklustre acting and makes a purely visual point. The films of those last years now seem less impressive, less urgent than The Prowler or The Servant.

At this point, Losey stopped toiling in obscurity and began to be taken up by the international film community. Then they got scared because I had been named.

An alternative version is that

Nebenzal's son Harold was associate producer of this version. He directed at least half a dozen beautiful films, most of the time battling bad scripts, miscast actors and his own intellectual uncertainty. There is not one conventional love story in his films.