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Most Americans are not paying any attention to these ongoing developments, but the Chinese sure are. Donald Trump is already talking about hitting China with an additional billion dollars in tariffs, which would essentially cover pretty much everything that China exports to the U.

It is almost as if a lot of Americans no longer understand that extremely reckless acts can have exceedingly severe consequences. They are destined to shock investors worldwide. He also suggested Russia follow suit and begin selling oil and gas for roubles. When the company boosted its prices, customers defected.

In the end I

In the end, It had to be admitted that I learned new things from this book. Gorbachev at least had been a secretary of a regional communist party administration, whereas Obama was just a social worker. When the workers realize that they are getting nothing for those coupons, they will take out their firearms and chaos will unfold.

Professor Panarin even had the year right. He's a nice person and talks nicely - but he's not a leader and will take America to a crash. These tariffs are going to have very real consequences for U. For other firms, layoffs have already become a reality. Russia just joined the trade war against the United States as well.

Because he also predicted

In the end, I gave up on the very last chapter, since I get the feeling it was just summing up what have been repeated too many times throughout the book. Because he also predicted that the Soviet Union would crash, and it did. Many Americans seem to believe that the U. America is in a bad, bad place, and with each new law passed by the Obama administration, it gets worse. Although the writers focus on chaos theory and how it may or may not percolate throughout reality, they also touch on almost everything and the kitchen sink.

So there is going to be economic pain, and that pain is likely to intensify for as long as this trade war persists. His mentality is totally different.