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The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La download in pdf, ePub, iPad

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Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. The book largely avoids the country's complex and fascinating politics, though the story doesn't suffer at all. Some people find his videos funny.

What's particularly interesting is observing how Eddie's relationship with his father-in-law evolves. It's a light read that touches on important topics from family to fidelity to love. We seem to be able to offend each other and laugh it off rather than blowing up a hotel or putting out a death warrant for someone. Nonetheless, the Englishman does eventually get Thilak's approval to marry his daughter. The participants are not even aware of his presence.

The Amazing Racist also set up shop at a mosque dressed to be blatantly Jewish and trying to sell offensive T-shirts and calendars. After unsuccessfully pushing his wares outside he brings them inside the mosque. If it had been real he sure would have deserved it. To put it mildly, Thilak does not make things easy for Eddie. Readers looking for an easy, amusing read are likely to enjoy this one.

The eternal optimist in me always seems to find the glass half full. However, I watch them on YouTube with some flabbergasted fascination of sorts. The author knows how to tell a compelling story that's also accessible and fun.

The eternal optimist

Eddie is a teacher from England who falls in love with Menaka, an attractive Sri Lankan woman. This video still cracks me up. Like looking on a huge car accident or public street fight. It takes some time but finally a group of Muslim men come for him and carry him out. After all, a man like Eddie is not what Thilak had in mind for his beloved daughter.