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It all ends tragically, as screen melodramas of the time tended to do. Poor old Ginnie, who with nothing, the lowest of the lowly, could still go on and live and strive and hope, in her honest, dumb way.

Despite his somewhat notorious

Wally, the aspiring writer's last thought before being killed in a grenade explosion, is of the manuscript he would never complete. We might as well, I guess.

Women hungered to

They put out to everybody. Sort of sweet, and good-natured, and malleable. Jones portrayal of women is problematic, but this is something that can be said also of the genius of Dostoyevski. They were dependent upon their feet to run. All they knew was that they loved their big feet, for making them different, while they hated them bitterly for making them conspicuous.

And if they ever did win a race, it was both because of their feet and in spite of them. Frank is delusional, a character trait that is reiterated for most of the characters in the book. Only when their love finally wears out do they really become human again, suffer again.

Women hungered to be owned and dominated, he thought happily. Despite his somewhat notorious reputation, Dave is basically a good, honest man, well aware of his own shortcomings.