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Socratic Seminars in High School by Victor Moeller download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Students need to prepare by creating their own set of questions. How did Jem feel about Mrs. Seminars also give students the opportunity to explore the most profound texts in any field of study.

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In science, it could be an excerpt from The Origin of Species. Seats should be arranged in a circle or rectangle. You may find it useful to limit your intrusions to helpful reminders about procedures e. They are relevant to seminar participants.

Because seminars ask students to keep focusing back on the text, you may distribute sticky notes for students to use to annotate the text as they read. In short, he made his students examine their beliefs, wonder at their validity, and consider the possibilities by placing them in charge of their learning.

They are fundamentally ambiguous. Ask students to hold themselves accountable for the norms they agree upon. Escher While Socratic seminars are highly valuable for teaching the language arts skills of reading, speaking and listening, and writing, they can be used in all subject areas. Explain the rules for to the students so that they all understand their role during the Socratic seminar.

This chair should be labeled as the Hot Seat. In history, an example might be The Declaration of Independence. In literature, it could be a soliloquy from Hamlet. The text should lend itself to discussion.

In history an example might be