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It's a difficult thing to balance. There is also a link to each document in full, so you can examine each yourself, listen to the accompanying podcast, and draw your own conclusions. This is an extension of Sky's training camps - combining hard training with weight loss. Team Sky principal Sir Dave Brailsford's hand-drawn training plan and a more precise version covering the last two weeks of the Giro, revealing they wanted Froome to lose weight.

It shouldn't be hard to lose weight, looking at energy expenditure, but the difficult thing is to keep recovering and managing the fuelling issue. They're trying to make Froome a kilo or two lighter for those key mountain stages. But it feels scary to be balancing it on the last two weeks of the Giro. It's not Come Dine With Me. Weight loss to the point when you're on a razor's edge between ill-health and sustainable health for a Grand Tour has been going on for a long time.

We know Sky have

The motel is family owned and operated, your hosts Jamie and Kerry are on hand to offer that extra personal touch and attention to detail to create a friendly relaxed atmosphere during your stay. Spend a night - Not a fortune at the Sky Rider Motor Inn renowned for providing clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation in a quiet garden setting. Sky are trying to run a specific calorific deficit each day, like dieting, but combining it with riding km races.

We know Sky have made shocking mistakes in some areas. It's fuel for a specific job. One turn too many and the whole thing shatters. When Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France in he described it as like screwing a screw into a tile. Most teams have a chef, but Sky physically have more people on the ground who can do more of the detailed stuff.

It's fuel for a specific job

He's not looking to lose weight any more. This illustrates the depth of personnel and resources Sky have compared to other teams.

You can lose power and energy, and it's a long way to get that back. If you can hit it just before the crucial mountain stage then that's ideal. He's taking on massive amounts of carbohydrate. Get it wrong and it goes pear-shaped quickly.