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The expression of semaphorins has been described most fully in the nervous system, but they are also present in most, or perhaps all, other tissues. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.

Patterning of cortical efferent projections

It is a glycoprotein of kDa whose extracellular domain contains six immunoglobulin repeats. Specific cell surface labels in the visual centers of Xenopus laevis tadpole identified using monoclonal antibodies.

Functional regulation of semaphorin receptors by proprotein convertases. Adult neurogenesis and neural stem cells of the central nervous system in mammals.

These effects occur primarily through binding of semaphorins to their receptors, although transmembrane semaphorins also serve as receptors themselves. Patterning of cortical efferent projections by semaphorin-neuropilin interactions.

However, structural analysis and crystal structure characterization strongly support the crucial role of the sema domain contained both in semaphorins and plexins. While the inhibitory pathways have been well dissected, semaphorin-triggered growth promoting pathways remain obscure.

These effects occur primarily through binding