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Saints, Heroes, Myths, and Rites by Marcel Mauss download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Those are my initial thoughts about it. Every business, since its foundation, adopt assumptions on how to achieve success, usually from the worldview of its founders. Civilizations such as the ancient Greeks thrived collectively by believing in a dream of a great democratic state, and in the myths and rituals that supported it. Could stifle creativity and diversity, or prevent possible changes.

The own configuration of spaces determined the behavior of the people. In addition, it generates some positive anxiety regarding to the celebration. In organizations, the myths may have a fundamental role in sustaining the culture from stories that unify the vision of the past, present and future of the organization.

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In mine, none of them chose between one or another. In organizations we often do not treat change in a striking way.

Not just one nor just another. These people bring pictures in our head which are automatically transformed into characters of a narrative. Myths Myths are narratives that underpin the shared beliefs of a people or a particular tradition.

Could lead to group-think and stagnation. We can only dream again after celebrating the achievement of the previous dream. One of the most prominent themes in the world day of business today is organizational culture. Heroes help us to get the best version of ourselves from the their virtues.

Heroes Like all civilizations had their success stories and their behavior archetypes, there were the stories of men and women who exceeded expectations and excelled. In organizations, because of the rush of everyday life, we end up forgetting to celebrate. In organizations, the same process should happen.

We can only dream again after

In organizations, such archetypes can be the foundation of people management. As well as the myths and rites are the software of the culture, spaces are the hardware. Just as the myths help us understand the world, the rituals reinforce our beliefs.

It is interesting to condition possible celebrations of the organization to its performance cycle, whether monthly, quarterly, etc. The emotional charge of certain situations creates a special place in our memory. When in doubt, just visit your list of most admired entrepreneurs. This makes the transition not to be complete, so that the individual does not have the emotional mark of that moment in his mind. The narratives were, through the use of myths, the primary way to encourage behaviors throughout the history of mankind.