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Practical Financial Management for Entrepreneurs by Rigby Guy download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Lantern acted as an honest broker and I think did good job of building trust very quickly with the different members of management and key stakeholders. He met every expedited timeline and used his extensive network to find me the best possible investment group.

Lantern introduced several different options and did a good job of helping us analyze each. Relevant educational material is regularly presented in formal as well as informal ways and reinforced with practical coaching to help entrepreneurs put theory into practice in their own businesses. He presented us with financing options far exceeding the traditional bank proposals in the past. Lantern Capital Advisors helps entrepreneurs and businesses prepare for and execute various liquidity strategies according to our clients needs or desires.

Jenny Retief It is well recognised that women are powerful drivers of economic growth in South Africa, and are vital to the country reaching its full economic potential. Our typical business plan takes two to four weeks to complete prior to distribution to institutions for feedback. Chris was very responsive and explained things. There is no better way to achieve the dream of business ownership than by researching and writing a business plan.

Lantern acted as an honest broker

We are an alternative to using an investment bank to raise capital. Even though I had potential funding sources, I ended up using his network of people. Based on the financing required, and the funding sources due diligence requirements, clients can expect to close on funding in three to four months post project kick off. NxLeveL offers a practical, hands-on approach to preparing a business plan. People everywhere recognize the entrepreneurial spirit as an equalizing force that offers social mobility, economic opportunity and personal freedom.

He met every expedited

We have a well-defined, proven capital raising process. Chris knew exactly what was needed in our business plan and it obviously came natural to him.