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Instead you must depend on God for comfort. Thank him and praise for all the ways he has worked through your prayer. Likewise we should fast and pray before getting involved in full time ministry and mission work. God's presence in my life became very real.

God wants to do many amazing things, but He looks for those willing to urgently make the corrections needed to come into line with him. His subsequent death seemed to me not only a failure on God's part to grant my prayer, but an affront to my sense of right results and even justice.

God wants to do manyHis subsequent death

We feel a pain, and we cry to God. There is thus also a spiritual and soulish detoxification which happens when we fast. According to the Bible, the power of prayer is, quite simply, the power of God, who hears and answers prayer.

It is normal to drink water during fasting. You will experience weakness at times, and we like to feel strong and in control. It sheds light into the darkness of our fears and our sorrows, our hopes and joys, our shame and our pride. It would amend our lives and, thus, amend the lives of others, in ways we might never see.