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Politics and Development in a Transboundary Watershed by Joakim Öjendal download in pdf, ePub, iPad

At Srishti Ahsam teaches

Currently, there is no institutional framework or legal instrument for addressing the effects of climate change on water availability in the Indus Basin. It also addresses the global debate on transboundary water management and presents an in-depth case of one of the globally most sophisticated attempts at pursuing sustainable river basin management.

The meeting also considered governance and anti-corruption strategies and how to clean up corrupt practices. Creative Practices, Literature, Music. As a true and accomplished disciple, Arul acknowledged his obligation to his alma mater and returned to spend a decade there mentoring rookies towards transforming them into mavens. He teaches visual thinking tools.

In her practice she is

At Srishti, Ahsam teaches elementary film courses to undergraduates, which would include Camera, Video production, Scene construction, Fiction and Non-fiction film. In her practice, she is engaged in exploring methods and forms of recording, documenting, interpreting and understanding stories in an artistic, collaborative and just manner. Indira Chowdhury Indira has a Ph.

Akanksha Akanksha Chhajer is an artist-architect. India currently has no treaty with upstream China on their shared rivers. They became ship builders, seafarers and fishermen.

Jacob also advises several start-up companies. It is migratory in Livanjsko field.

Ashwathi Sharma is an engineer and an educator. His academic background includes engineering, political communication, new media, and information science. How political movements foster, develop, and evolve has always fascinated him.

Her paintings and drawings sometimes become part of her research enquiry. At Srishti, her roles have included deanship of the post-graduate and advanced diploma programs, chairing admissions, and coordinating the foundation studies and core skills programs. Marialaura is course leader for Experimental Media Arts. Increased fuel costs, growing numbers of vessels and declining catch rates have reduced the economic efficiency of global marine capture fisheries.

Prior to Srishti he was worked as a Sr. These concerns have been raised in relation to commercial fishing gear including purse seines, bottom trawls, dredges, pots, hooks and lines, lift nets, gillnets and entangling nets.