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Perlmann's Silence by Pascal Mercier download in pdf, ePub, iPad

After a brief hesitation Beck

The story acquires here a Hitchcock-like suspense. After a brief hesitation, Beck decided to first write his review in German.

The story acquires here

It also needed a personal touch. But only in retrospect after you read the whole book. Beck smiled, saved what he had written so far, and opened a new file to start over again. Beck decided to only read the first few words of each paragraph and only the last paragraph completely. Philip Perlmann is a man after my own taste.

But if a man's work is also the man himself, then plagiarism can never be truly accomplished. Reluctantly, and not quite certain why he is reluctant, Perlmann agrees.

Beck thought back on the crime and how meticulously it was planned. Not as a physical quantity but more like the perception of time. And the alliteration of the three Ps seemed ludicrous. It made no much sense to him to adapt the thoughts of others and make them his own. His preparations were, as it turned out, insufficient and he had to improvise all the time.

Then Beck thought about the problem of translating this book into other languages. Even simple in large parts. He also wanted to add some references to other books. Of course he had to write in the third person, just like in the book, so he would keep a distance from himself. He split the long sentence into several shorter ones that are more manageable.

Throughout the days preceding the conference, Perlmann has with him a paper by a Russian linguistic, Vassily Leskov, on how memory is informed by language. The word is simply too human, Beck thought. Later, he would translate it into English, all in one go. Suddenly, when he can't avoid stating the subject of his own unwritten presentation, Perlmann gives Leskov's subject as his own.

Maybe he started to make things up, just like Perlmann, and reinvented his own history, his own self. But the prose was elegant all right, Beck had to admit that.

That, Perlmann knows, is the ultimate impossibility. But as the day of the first conference approaches, as the participants begin to arrive, his meagre confidence fails him.