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Own Your Financial Freedom by Andrea Kennedy download in pdf, ePub, iPad

You'll have achieved Financial Independence. If you take the time to supercharge your income, your profits will soar. You're in this stage if your debt payments exceed your income. Think like a billionaire by carefully guarding each dollar you earn.

Don't try to get

Over time, he learned how to save and how to invest. He has always invested this amount over his career.

Together they form a formidable financial

Don't try to get rich quick. Together, they form a formidable financial team.

This is the stage I'm in today. If there is a single key to financial freedom it's understanding the value of money. That's why everyone should craft a personal mission statement.

When you think of it, structuring your own personal approach means you'll be much more likely to follow it through to success - because it's of your own invention. Welcome, my name is Clair Schwan.

Any way you slice it, and no matter how much money you currently make, you have a responsibility to your future self to put some money away in the present. Constructive criticism will not offend me. Develop an investment philosophy and develop an investment strategy that supports this philosophy. When you are earning a profit, you have achieved solvency. Pictures courtesy of pixabay.