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It typically does not work out well for the challenger. An attack on any old weakness in a market leader is not enough. Narrow attacks are most effective when leaders try to be all things to all people with one product line.

Oh right, they never ended. Any organization that is in direct competition with another organization is likely to use offensive marketing strategies. Sometimes it may be that no business is strong enough to offensively challenge the leader. Not only did this campaign succeed, it helped make the Hefty brand part of pop culture, with their memorable tagline.

An attack on anyIt typically does not work

An offensive strategy provides a means for your new business to hit the market strong and establish a presence, whereas a defensive strategy can help keep you at the top of your local industry. Offensive marketing takes the initiative and drives your business forward in primary and new market segments. Protecting the Primary Market The primary market is of utmost importance to any small business. Federal Express FedEx made this mistake early on, not focusing on any one offering, instead trying to offer the same exact choices and options as their competitors.

The company doesn't have to actively work to generate customer interest in its products and can simply reinforce its product messages with consumers. Fast food chains McDonalds and Burger King are infamous for their continuous offensive marketing campaigns upon one another. Consider the principle of force and pressure.