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For instance, an order to undertake resuscitation for a dying client may be legal, but questions could still linger on whether the act if moral. The code of ethics describes nursing practice mission of meeting client needs and responding to environmental forces that may generate conflicts between ethics and law. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. There is a balance between people having the information required to make an autonomous decision and, on the other hand, not being unnecessarily distressed by the truth. Act The Nurse Practice Act defines the level of practice for the nurse.

If the patient initiates contact then

Nursing professors should employ their maximum efforts to update their scientific knowledge, and to promote ethical knowledge and conduct. This entails situations such as violence, communicable disease, physical, and sexual abuse. Have a respectable conduct with other nurses, professors and students. Ethics provide a framework of action to address conflicting principles. All nurses are required to renew their licenses on a biennial basis with evidence of required continuing nursing education.

While cooperating and coordinating with other individuals, groups and social institutions, try to address social needs and resolve ethical issues raised in the area of health care. Situations such as abortion, death, and euthanasia by their pure nature may place the nurse into a dilemma. Generally the balance is in favour of truth telling due to respect for autonomy, but sometimes people will ask not to be told, or may lack the capacity to understand the implications. These rights are to be listed in the facility and placed in a prominent area of the facility or the patients room.

If the patient initiates contact, then responding back is appropriate. These classes may also cover how nurses should administer care while facing moral dilemmas. Provide the necessary conditions for participation of nurses in continuous training program. Healthcare institutions are expected to avail multidisciplinary ethics committees that avail education, counselling and support on ethical issues.

These classes may also cover how