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Monuments were constructed in

It was struck at the Philadelphia Mint in the United States, however it does not have any mintmark. Their blitzkrieg tactics allowed them to quickly conquer much of the country.

The coin has a center hole, with legends in English, Arabic and Hebrew. One side of the coin features a pair of stylized dragons and the denomination. The coin has most of its original mint luster, however it was struck from worn or cracked dies. Japan quickly introduced new currency for their newly conquered territory. The remainder of Germany was partitioned into four zones of occupation, coordinated by the Allied Control Council.

Serbia directly controlled by

In fact in all the years I was in Vietnam I was never able to make or to receive an international call. Not that by myself I made very much of one. As I had become completely lost at that time I just headed on towards what I don't know. Austria called Ostmark by the Germans was separated from Germany and divided into four zones of occupation. At one point the soldiers enter a building to flush out a sniper.

Generally, each province would have its own currency board. At the top is the Soviet arms featuring the hammer and sickle over the earth. It pictured Paul von Hindenburg on one side and an eagle on the other. Not a relaxed walk either but gradually improving as I took the right direction back to civilisation. The date, mintmark and legends are on the edge of the coin.

Monuments were constructed in cities that suffered during the war. Serbia directly controlled by the German military. The other side shows a seated man with a hammer and anvil in front of a volcano. The bonds feature troops advancing with two tanks and waving a large, red flag.

The note has the embossed seal of the Rentenbank at the lower right hand corner. The notes were issued in the currency and official language that was in use at the time of the invasion. It is an historic and hard to find set.

Following the war the coin returned to its original alloy. The coins are dated in the year of the reign of Emperor Kang Te of Manchukuo. Unlike coins, the date is not the year the note was printed.

Between them is a vignette of the Brunswick Cathedral and the Brunswick Lion statue. The Soviet arms is at the top. The Reichsmark features a large swastika underprint at the center. The letters from each other going rather to extremes.