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New Perspectives on Asset Price Bubbles by Douglas D. Evanoff download in pdf, ePub, iPad

He has authored and co-authored numerous articles in financial economics in several professional journals. The originality and comprehensiveness of the collection is as impressive as the star-studded cast of contributors. It is well known that bubbles have occurred in the past, with the October crash as the most demonstrative example. This book collects contributions from the best and brightest economists in the field to discuss this issue.

He is the editor of the Journal of Financial Stability and a coeditor of five other journals. Cosmin Ilut is an assistant professor of economics at Duke University. Wei Xiong is a professor of economics at Princeton University.

He is the past president of the Western Finance Association. His research has been published in various journals and he has also edited a number of books addressing issues associated with financial institutions. Taking a novel approach, this book presents classic work that represents accepted thinking about asset bubbles prior to the financial crisis.

Suggested Citation Evanoff, Douglas D. De Bondt is a professor of finance and Director of the Richard H. His current research interests include asset bubbles, mortgage markets, and financial regulation. Lawrence Christiano is the Alfred W.

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The recent financial crisis has now triggered a debate about the emergence of a sequence of repeated bubbles in the Nasdaq market, housing market, credit market, and commodity markets. Overconfidence and Speculative Bubbles Jose A. He was formerly Vice Dean and Director of Wharton doctoral programs. However, the remarkably well-behaved performance of the U. He previously taught at the University of Oregon and was a visiting professor at Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley.

He has been working at the European Central Bank since taking up different functions. Douglas Evanoff is vice president and senior research advisor for banking issues in the economic research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Evanoff is a vice president and senior research advisor for banking issues at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He has had a long interest in asset price bubbles and financial instabilities. His research and teaching interests focus on the management and regulation of financial institutions and markets. Chase Professor of Business Institutions in the economics department of Northwestern.

Tassos Malliaris is the Walter F. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Taking a novel approach, the editors of this book present five classic papers that represent accepted thinking about asset bubbles prior to the financial crisis.

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