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At their feet Claw lets out a small growl. For a brief moment, he thinks he might be sick at the sight of it. Speaking of which, Lyanna gives a long look towards her brother. Styr throws him a wild look. Lyanna whistles again and the she-wolf turns to curl at her feet.

But that is perhaps because of where they are. She rubs her thighs together, annoyed at the discomfort. Lyanna holds up her prey, shaking the dead beast with vigour. Some men wanted wives, others went for riches.

But she does not tell him what he'd been hit with. They are fast, Lyanna and Torr. If this were Seven Kingdoms, he would have been permitted to enter. Shaena flushes and pretends a deep preoccupation with the pork chops set before her.

And then it's

Styr takes the weapon from his belt and throws it at her. They'll not name him for some time yet. But it might be that they are too distraught at his departure to plan anything at all.

He catches her

Father is usually reluctant to step it. And all of us are suspicious to some degree that we are partly to blame for her pain.

And then it's sweating skin and breathy moans and harsh breathing. He catches her around the waist and twists her arms back, effectively trapping her. Her fingers comb through his hair, tugging every once in a while.