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Though they found it annoying, it was difficult to conclude that Okobo could not peel his banana, if you know what I mean, because there were always women around him. If the woman was not too quiet, then she was a gossip.

And there are a number of novels where this is done waaayyy worse e. It does not matter how much English you speak at a million meetings, a needle that is not threaded will remain an unthreaded needle. This Okobo nation needs to thread the right needles. There was this boastful man who just married a new wife.

It was an interesting dynamic. We are the butt of many jokes, as we should be, considering that we are sitting and drinking with accomplished friends instead of accomplishing something for ourselves. It is painful, really painful. The whole community had waited long for him to find a wife.

And there are

Something which bothered me at first, was that the whole main plot is built around assumptions regarding the others behaviour. Our structures are warped, our implementation of great plans are even more warped. If one was not too slim, she had a fat backside.

It does not matter how much

Apparently tired of being the butt of every joke about virility and manhood, Okobo decided to get married. He became a metaphor for non-performance and all kinds of all-brag-no-action stories. It was really cool how Heloise immediately made a connection with Robert, and helped him to get back in the land of the living. There is nothing wrong with a woman picking all the bills.

Talking all day and all night and expecting the real work to do itself. There is a minor-villain later on, but that's also resolved rather quickly. We attend every international conference and summits, pretending that we are and those who have been doing what they should do with their brides are peers.

Another atypical element was the fact that I read this book very quickly and enjoyed it very much, although some might get annoyed at all the misunderstandings between Charles and Heloise. Village belles had all kinds of jokes that led to the doorstep of Okobo. The heroine is not a shrinking violet, although she sometimes behaves like one which actually makes sense and apart from one thing, actually quite likeable. Annie Burrows is a new author for me, but she has a refreshing voice that makes me want to read more of her books. She never descends into the hell of too-stupid-to-live heroines being pointlessly angsty or super-noble e.