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Great Jobs for History Majors by Stephen Lambert download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Drafting sections of research reports. One specialization at large companies is called product marketing.

Udacity also has a few paid courses taught by talented professors. History majors with good social skills can excel in this role.

History majors also benefit from considering uncommon careers that draw on their skills. They also learn how to craft persuasive arguments backed with evidence, a valuable skill in communications. Concentrations Available for History Majors History majors often concentrate on a particular region, time period, or thematic area within the discipline. They play a role in hiring and promotion decisions, lead department meetings, and represent the department at meetings with the dean. They may also use their communication skills to build relationships with donors to strengthen the nonprofit organization.

Locations Location plays an important role in job opportunities for history graduates. The job of an email marketing manager is coordinate and implement complex email programs at large organizations. The jobs for history majors vary depending on the degree level and the field. History professionals need to research the factors shaping the job market to find the best career path. Chris Humphrey is a humanities grad who now works as a project manager at a large bank.

Many history majorsStart following jobs

Next, take an introduction to statistics course Udacity has a few that are free. My biggest initial challenge was in identifying how my skills best translated to the working world. History majors excel at research, so there are lots of opportunities to enter this field.

Start following jobs on LinkedIn with this title and develop the skills demanded by the role. Many history majors, particularly those with a focus in U. These organizations analyze global consumer behavior and sell their insights to companies whether as trend reports or consulting packages. Finally, a history degree requires exceptional communication skills, enabling graduates to move into the communications sector. Administrative assistants must possess strong writing and organizational skills.