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For Asia now is

From the s onwards, economic development across the region has lifted millions out of poverty and doubled Asia's share of the world economy. That's the output of an economy the size of Japan being lost every single year. Part of this is changing attitudes, but it's also about building more safety infrastructure.

He began as social entrepreneur establishing a solar electrification project in rural India. The International Labour Organisation found that positions of leadership in the economy, the top management jobs, are occupied by women in only one in three cases. Inventing new ideas, building new tech start-ups into big business, becoming the upcoming leaders of the future Asian economy. Add this to the challenge of climate change, ageing populations and increasing inequalities across the region. Reducing beverage waste, it has the potential to become the new standard of the beverage industry.

For Asia, now is the time to invest in women and girls. In Asia, the future is female.

We need to upend the gender norms that mean women take on the bulk of unpaid labour and care work. The first is challenging and changing everything in Asian societies that keeps women and girls from reaching their full potential in the workforce.

Female mentors in particular will help to drive this change. For the next two years she reviewed venture deals and invested as a private investor.

All education and training resources should be gender-sensitive to ensure they don't perpetuate discriminatory norms by, for instance, using all-male examples. For farmers, this means a decrease in operating costs and an increase in profits. This is the second thing that needs to change.

In Asia the future