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It credits the amount of the invoice in its accounts payable column, and it debits a column devoted to expenses for the same amount. Reconciliation in Business Accounting Account reconciliation is also important for businesses. This type of account reconciliation makes it possible to determine whether money is being fraudulently withdrawn. Council recognizes that we are merely taking the first steps on the road to true reconciliation, but the journey has begun.

Challenges There are many challenges associated with implementation of effective medication reconciliation programs across the continuum of care. If nurses are responsible for the process, nursing hours per patient day may need to increase.

Reprogramming is required anytime there are system upgrades. There has been no standard regarding what constitutes a comprehensive medication history or where medication information is kept in the paper or electronic health record.

Studies tended to be about one of the steps in the handoff process, such as admission from home to an acute care facility. Study of how medication reconciliation processes change the workflow and time associated with it are needed.

Generally, patients are admitted to the hospital for a specific procedure, such as surgery, or on an urgent basis. For example, a patient admitted for trauma may result in cursory data gathering about the medication history. Again, the two columns should agree, balancing out at zero.

Reference lists from articles on medication reconciliation were also used to identify additional publications. One challenge to having an accurate patient medication history is the lack of a standardized location in the patient chart where the information may be found. Additionally, electronic prescribing allows for key fields such as drug name, dose, route, and frequency. In addition, educating patients about their medications allows them to keep better track of the medications they are taking.

If nurses are responsibleChallenges There are

Evidence-Based Practice Implications There are numerous areas for nurse involvement in the area of medication reconciliation. Consider Use of a Standardized Form Many settings have found the use of a standardized medication form facilitates an accurate list that is accessible and visible.