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But the election is just a week away. He's stoking fear with a web ad that portrays immigrants as heinous criminals only the Democrats would let into the country. Oh, and there's going to be a new tax cut for the middle class. Very unfortunate, what is going on.

But the election is

And the migrants are weeks away from arriving at the border, when many plan to seek asylum. He said it again on the White House lawn.

Um, Congress is out of session. He threatens to defy the Constitution and end birthright citizenship through executive order he can't do it by fiat. He tweets exactly what he's thinking. These units are not allowed to use the military to enforce domestic law. It really all came together when he blamed Democratic mobs for attacking Republicans.

He'll force Republicans to support keeping pre-existing conditions for health plans. He's throwing false promises up against the wall and seeing what sticks pre-election. He even threw out the tried and true actually false claims of voter fraud, admonishing his supporters to watch out for it.

He's stoking fear