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They should be a model of christian charity and virtue. It is God's continuing work in the mind of the hearer of the Word, whereby He helps him to grasp the actual meaning of what He said long ago through the apostles and prophets.

They should be a model

In the early chapters, Dr. Members of his church have described a harsh life with hours of prayer each day.

This is not revelation, but rather illumination. But then I work in the English speaking world and maybe this is true all over the world. But this was no ordinary marriage. Most of this could be avoided if people just knew their Catholic Faith and found holiness in their local Catholic Church, and I blame the Church for this. The Holy Spirit is actively involved in helping us to understand the Word when we read it or hear it read.

It is God's

Whether intentional or not, history has shown that false mystics and visionaries can do incredible damage to the faithful through their phony deceptions. They were later sustained by Tertullian and became a vital issue among the Reformers. Tragically, we will rebel and violate what we know to be the truth.