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On the score of one of the musicians of that legendary orchestra you can still see a drawing showing hollow-cheeked Eliasberg conducting his orchestra sitting on a chair. Whether this date was chosen intentionally, it was the day Hitler had chosen previously to celebrate the fall of Leningrad with a lavish reception for the top Nazi commanders. The music of Shostakovich brought the much needed support and catharsis to survivors who loved the symphony and applauded to Eliasberg and his orchestra.

The siege of Leningrad was so impenetrable that by December of that year an average of to residents a day were dying of starvation, disease, shellfire, bombardment and a variety of other causes. The legendary performance was broadcast live from the Radio Hall in Leningrad, so millions of civilians and defenders of the besieged city were able to hear the powerful music. General Govorov with his staff came backstage to thank Eliasberg and his musicians for their art and courage. Shostakovich and Evgeniy Evtushenko worked together on the famous Symphony No. It was an important message to all nations that Hitler's attack on Leningrad failed.

Three thousand high-caliber shells were lobbed onto the enemy. Because the city was still blockaded at the time, the score was flown by night in early July for rehearsal.

Three thousand highcaliber shells

That famous concert was made possible because Eliasberg specially created an orchestra of survivors who were still able to perform in spite of starvation and dystrophy. His music helped lift the spirits of Leningrad citizens in a time when they were struggling to survive. During the first months of the siege Shostakovich was in Leningrad. After the protests his sentence was commuted, and Brodsky returned to Leningrad.

At that time, Shostakovich gained international recognition in the free world, and received several invitations to participate in music festivals and other cultural events. Defenders and civilians in besieged Leningrad were doomed, because the besieging forces cut supplies of food and energy to the surrounded city.