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He challenged the griffin, who let out an ear-splitting shriek and while its beak was fully open, the knight fired his arrow straight into the griffin's mouth, killing the beast instantly. Eldon hole, on Eldon hill, near Peak Forest was once believed to be bottomless.

In the meantime the father had told a man to hide himself in the bone-house, and watch the boy. To keep the witch out of your house let the handles of your brooms be made of wiggin mountain ash.

The girl thereupon took a live frog, stuck its body full of pins, and buried it. In a man and a woman living at Cold-Aston, in Derbyshire, were engaged to be married. It is worn concealed under the dress.

The girl thereupon took a live

If an old woman comes begging to your door never give her silver. Peak Cavern in Castleton also has a history with the devil. When the boy got down amongst the bones, he picked up a skull. The two runaway lovers died together, but divine justice punished their five murderers in the end.

Before presenting extracts from his Household Tales and Remains, some background information on death and burial in the past may be useful. He was annoyed to find a neighbour, Alice Hancock at home with his wife, Harriet, who ran outside to get out this way, used to feeling her husband's fists. This period would also provide more time for the family to obtain funds and mourning clothes for the funeral. Then the future husband will come after her with a scythe and mow.

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How the spire came to be in its current state is usually explained by the use of green or unseasoned timber in its construction. This first idea was for the villagers to try to drive the beast away, arming themselves with axes, daggers, pitchforks and anything else they could find. She gave Jane a poisoned cake and soon Jane was dead. Yet, associations with the evil one are surprisingly common in Derbyshire, says guest writer K. Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address.

At a lonely house near Stony Middleton, in Derbyshire, the ghost of a murdered woman is said to appear by night, and make holes in the loaves of bread in the house. The legend goes that during a raid, the leader of the pack's daughter was shot in the ravine and that she still haunts it to this day.