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Orestad said some of the reenactments of Soviet occupation during the ceremonies were hard to watch, yet gave him a renewed sense of the importance of his job. Orestad gave briefings at different locations in Estonia, including a class to a group of basic trainees. He explained that in Estonia army priests and pastors are very good at providing religious support, but can use more experience in staff officer work.

If they survived the month-long train voyage with almost no food and water, most perished upon arrival at the camps due to starvation and exposure to the elements. Tiirmaa said he teaches religious awareness as part of the course to help students gain awareness of other cultures. Army Reserve Chaplain Capt. During his time there, Tiirmaa was available to provide ministry support to Soldiers during real world events.

Reasons for expulsion included religious, academic, and ethnic status, not conforming to communist rule, and leadership in the former Estonian government. He shared how many cultures live life governed by religion, and how a lack of awareness can easily result in situations of perceived disrespect. The class provides instruction on what defense of their country means. Tiirmaa said he observed effective staff officer training for chaplains, which he said is also important for the Estonian army.

If they survived

The world is full of examples of where this goes wrong.

Tiirmaa said he teaches