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In this latter case, we say that the hue, or any color in that hue, is a purple. Contact Us New Vision With Colorimetry Although you probably haven't heard of it before, Visual Stress is a common sight problem that affects many people around the world. If it is not a purple, then it can be achieved in exactly one way by mixing a certain intensity of a pure monochromatic radiation, and a certain intensity of pure white light.

The colorimeter analyzes the colors the viewer is and isn't able to see clearly, and which colors may cause visual disturbances in conjunction with each other. Imagine this point as being somehow in the center. Any color which makes physical sense is inside this arc mathematically speaking, is in the convex hull of this arc.

Interestingly enough, there is no scientific definition of white, it is only a matter of convention. Visual Stress creates distortions that must be corrected in order for an individual to see properly and clearly.

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There is one possible definition of white that relies on a scientific phenomenon, and while it is typically not used directly, it serves as an important basis for more ad hoc definitions. For example, the complementary hue to that of the monochromatic with wavelength nm in the narrow yellow region of the spectrum has wavelength nm royal blue. During this test, the optometrist can change the hue and saturation of what the patient is seeing. To test for Visual Stress, optometrists use something called an Intuitive Colorimeter. Now take a color other than white and draw the half-line starting from the white point that goes through this color.

So far we have not defined white, and have only passingly alluded to it. The white point defined by a blackbody at a given temperature is often used as a comparison point for other white points. The object in question reflects light with shorter wavelengths while absorbing those in others, lending it a blue appearance. Certainly a filter can be white, when it acts equally on all wavelengths.

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For this purpose, a spectrocolorimeter may be used. Similar to other vision tests, the patient can decide whether something is more clear or less clear, or if they can see better before and after adjustments. We are not concerned with this. Actually the base unit is the candela and not the lumen but this is utterly irrelevant. By fixing visual stress, people who had difficulty reading and concentrating can renew their ability to work efficiently.