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And also it's dependent upon the types of caregiving tasks that you have to do. Let's see if we can get another caller in. The teen years are a challenging time under the best of circumstances. In a moment, more about the long-term effects teens from putting their own lives on hold. And, Laurence Steinberg, I wanted to ask you.

Of course, millions of us take on those family responsibilities, but it's never easy, and there's a subset of family caregivers that often gets overlooked. Joel and Scott agree with this. Like Joel and Scott, it came as part and parcel of being a family, but there is a cost. And, obviously, that affects your life in so many ways afterwards. Professionally, I wound up doing well, but personally I made some choices that today I would have preferred not to have made.

And also it's dependentLet's see if we can get

Clearly, there are many stops along the spectrum from positive and negative effects, and most people find themselves not in just one spot, but probably several. If you took care of a sick or disabled family member as a teen, call us and tell us your story.

Researchers are just beginning to study what happens when those teens also become caregivers. So I started sleeping in the living room so I could be closer to his bedroom. So it does play into the rest of your life.

Though normal self-isolation behaviors may occur, they are less likely to be in response to feelings of stress related to the illness or disability. So my dating life just did not exist. But again, more awareness might have helped you through it, too. Today, I don't speak to my mother or uncle. Christina is with us from Columbia, South Carolina.

Time, for me, just wasn't there. They want to be like everybody else. So - and I will say hospitals were focused on getting them home. It doesn't even - you don't even think about it.

And joining us now is Laurence Steinberg. Connie Siskowski is with us. It wouldn't be right, she said, because she didn't want to put her own family through that experience. And I wonder whether anybody has thought about that. He was no longer able to be independent.