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Category management is an approach to the organisation of purchasing within a business organisation. Category management is a frame-work and set of practices used to optimally manage supply categories to meet business objectives. This includes running the purchase order with a set supplier base. Companies must actually seize the prize, and that requires capabilities not currently possessed by most procurement organizations. Although a Procurement Specialist, which is slightly more senior, would help identify new suppliers.

Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about category management in a purchasing context. Each student was responsible for a portion of the project and collaborated with the team on deliverables. So, while it shares many of the attributes of strategic sourcing e. Buyers do not need to necessarily have strong understanding of the details of what they buy or the business needs underlying their purchasing activities. It is a strategic approach which focuses on the vast majority of organisational spend.

Teens are expected to navigate through classes and campus, manage their time and thrive on their own. Unlike a Buyer role, a Category Manager is strategic, with oversight over the sourcing and Procurement process. Sourcing is only one step in a broader value chain, and by definition, can only be as strategic as the process allows. The description itself tells the whole story. Walton College of Business, created a team project to encourage freshmen to get to know each other, discover resources on campus and strengthen personal development skills.

Still, identifying and scoping this bigger prize is only half the battle. Their job also involves interaction with a number of internal stakeholders. Team members Ryan Hardwick, Alexis Humm, Cydney Feinstone, Elijah Kaplan and interviewer Noah Tidmore recorded video, captured still photography, created graphics and wrote interview questions. For example, a supermarket chain may have a Category Manager in charge of produce.

Teens are expected to navigate

However, what separates these individuals from Buyers is that Retail Category Managers often have a sales and marketing component to their jobs. This can lead to confusion for candidates looking for new roles, and occasionally clients looking to hire. If objectives are defined too narrowly e. Watch a quick video on the upcoming Supplier Category Management Study.

For category management in a retail context, see Category management. While it sounds straightforward in principle, most organizations struggle to escape the limitations of their sourcing process. Today Category Management is considered by many global companies as an essential strategic purchasing approach. He has authored various thought leadership articles on supply chain and spoken on procurement excellence at various forums. Our comprehensive approach to procurement transformation balances enhanced business performance through better spend management and productivity gains with internal controls and risk management.

Unlike a Buyer role

But this is much less common than the other way around. Consumer Goods companies will also have Category Managers who are in charge of selling goods in a certain category to Retail Category Managers. For that reason, it can be tough to fully understand the differentiated roles and skillsets for the different subdisciplines that are involved in bringing a product to market.

It introduces them to David W. An easy way to describe it is that a Buyer is not tasked with figuring out what to buy or who to buy it from, but how to buy it.