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Of these, the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting held the most recognized authority. American Quakers would never regain the amount of political influence they once possessed.

The parent organization

Nevertheless, this separation usually did not negatively affect Quaker communities, and across the colonies and especially in Pennsylvania members of the Society of Friends thrived. The parent organization had always limited political involvement to cases directly affecting the Society and was not accustomed to seeking political remedies to the ills of the world. In addition, Quakers heavily settled in both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey colonies, and controlled the former both culturally and politically.

In addition, individuals sometimes attempted relief efforts by tending to wounded after battles or comforting prisoners of war. Instead of suppressing conflicts, the Friends were losing political support to more radical factions without reservations towards violence. Due to their ties to the British Society of Friends and economic situation, Pennsylvania Quakers largely supported reconciliatory measures in the early years of disagreement.

Nevertheless this separation usually

However, the onset of the French and Indian War caused most Quaker members to leave their governing positions. Opposition in Pennsylvania to the American Revolution. This and other donations throughout the war were accepted with varying degrees of suspicion by both American and British forces. London granted Philadelphia's request and delivered Benezet's pamphlet to every Member of both Houses of Parliament. Lacking the benefit of the Holy Experiment, the British Society distrusted political activity more than its transatlantic offspring.